Rock Star Mum

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 We all want to be like Rock Star Mum!   Buy us this as a gift and it will make us smile and remember who we need to be. 

This is Rock Star Mum.
Rock Star Mum loves her kids but admits they sometimes give her the shits.
Rock Star Mum loves coffee, champagne and wants to take Grey Goose Vodka as her second lover.
Rock Star Mum loves tracky-dacks, loose ponytails and crap reality TV
Rock Star Mum loves singing 80's and 90's music REALLY loudly.
Rock Star Mum adores her Husband but sometimes wants to punch him in the balls.
Rock Star Mum thinks judgey Mums are arseholes.
Rock Star Mum is not very nice to judgey Mums
Rock Star Mum chooses her mum friends wisely as she thinks very poorly of wasting time on Twatwaffles.
Rock Star Mum loves to drop the F-Bomb and tries really REALLY hard not to say it all the time
Rock Star Mum hates walking behind slow shoppers while doing the groceries.
Be like Rock Star Mum.
Or Not
It's really your call.
Because the older Rock Star Mum gets, the less fucks she gives.

Orca coated 11oz (300ml) ceramic mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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