Rock Star Dad


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This is the gift you buy for your husband or your dad or the guy with the dad bod that you think is awesome because he is just like Rock Star Dad.  

 This is Rock Star Dad.

Rock Star Dad loves his beer and sometimes thinks he can still drink like he’s in his 20’s.
Rock Star Dad thinks Rock Star Mum is a bit psycho at times but loves her and always tries to shag her.
Rock Star Dad loves his kids and adores spending time with them.
Rock Star Dad loves sport and sometimes forgets he’s not an actual commentator.
Rock Star Dad never thinks the house is a mess but will do his bit just to keep his testicles attached .
Rock Star Dad likes to add an “O” or a “Y” to his friend’s names like “Jacko” or “Smithy”. If he’s feeling really creative they can just be rhyming names like “Killer” instead of “Miller”.
Rock Star Dad is cool as fuck as he’s always given less fucks than even Rock Star Mum.
Rock Star Dad doesn’t care about keeping up with the Jones’s...he thinks they’re all a bunch of douche-canoes anyway.
Rock Star Dad hates shopping but will spend hours in BCF.
Rock Star Dad chooses his mates wisely and is very loyal.
Rock Star Dad says “I’m not watching this crap” whenever Rock Star Mum watches reality TV.
Be like Rock Star Dad.
Or not.
Because Rock Star Dad loves life too much to care what others are doing anyway.

Orca coated 11oz (300ml) ceramic mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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