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Pre-Order and Back-Order, what's the difference?

A Back-Order is for a product that was once in stock and the next delivery is due in to our warehouse within the next 1 to 2 weeks.

A Pre-Order is for a product that has never been sold by us before and we expect it to be delivered to our warehouse within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Why should I buy a product on Back-Order?

Popular items get sold out quickly, and there is nothing more annoying to an online shopper than choosing what you want and not being able to buy it as it is currently out of stock!

So, in order not to disappoint our customers, we offer an option to purchase on Back-Order.  Ordering an item that is currently on Back-Order ensures we will ship the item as soon as stock arrives at our warehouse. In most cases we will include a note in relation to the expected arrival date of stock at out warehouse on the product description.

Most of our customers don’t mind pre-paying for products so long as

  1. You know roughly when to expect it - like is it two weeks away or 10 years?

  2. You feel confident we have the ability to deliver a quality product and service.

As for trusting us, if we are unable to fulfil your order, we will refund you.

Our commitment to you is that we have reserved stock for you and will ship your products as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.

Why should I buy a product on Pre-Order?

Let’s say, you can’t wait for the release of one of our new range of products, like a very offensive but highly funny Mug that you have seen on facebook. In this case, making a Pre-Order ensures that you’ll be the first in line to get it, you'll just have to wait a little longer than for a product we have in stock.

Don’t panic, this is not a tactic to take your money and bulk buy crap from China. We are offering Pre-Orders as a way to better manage market demand for our products and help our suppliers in this busy period leading up to Xmas.

As for trusting us, if we are unable to fulfill your order, we will refund you. Simple as that !

For those that do purchase a product on Pre-Order, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to our products and for giving us your cash before we’re even ready to start shipping them to you !

Our commitment to you is that we have reserved stock for you and will ship your products as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.

When Will My Order actually Ship?

Back-Orders will typically ship within 2 weeks of the date you place your order. In most cases we will place an estimated stock arrival date on the product description page, so your order will ship from that date. If there are any changes to this, we will notify you directly.

Pre-Orders will typically ship within 3 to 4 weeks of the date you place your order.  If there are any changes to this, we will notify you directly, and if you are unhappy for any reason 

If you have purchased ‘in-stock’ warehoused items together with your Back-Order, then we will not ship your order until all items are our warehouse.

Products that we source from other suppliers are lovingly hand crafted by them and shipped from their facilities. If you have one of these items included in your order, it will ship separately to the rest of your order.

I’m offended by your products – how can I make a complaint?

Just write down your complaint on an A5 piece of cardboard and shove it way up your arse, then go find yourself a life.

We think you're funny as fuck and want to make you more popular by following your socials…

Why thank you. Much apprecio: Insta: #Inappropriategift Facebook The Inappropriate Gift Co

I am not happy with the gift that was sent !

Your happiness is what we live for (well actually we want to make money by ensuring you are happy with your products so that you will use us again and recommend us to your friends) !! If you are unhappy with your purchase FOR WHATEVER REASON, email us at 

ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com we'll sort it our either by replacement, store credit or a refund. We want to take the stress and uncertainty out of online shopping and put the fun back in.

I accidentally input the wrong delivery address !

What an idiot, were you drunk? Lol, we’ve all done that! No worries, just send us an email at ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com as soon as you can and we will try and ensure the change gets made before the order is shipped.

I like your products but can I get something customised?

Sorry, we typically do not customise our items, however, if you are extra specially nice to us and have the $ to spend, feel free to contact us at ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com and we'll do our best to get you what you need.

I have received one item but I am still waiting for the others !

Excellent at least one of the gifts has made it!

Only joking. The reason we have such a crazy range of inappropriate gifts is because we source from a variety of places, some items are individually hand made for you, some are from specialist Australian suppliers and some come from that huge marketplace called China.

We've done our best to clarify in the item description if it will be shipped from somewhere other than our warehouse, so those items will be sent to you separately.

Our aim is to dispatch warehoused in-stock items within 2 business days, however, dispatched items are at the mercy of Royal Mail postal services… (SAY NO MORE! ) so please accept our apologies if it takes longer.

If you are still worried your gift has not arrived, check your local post office as quite often the delivery cards get lost. You can always contact us at ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com and we will give you an update on your delivery status as most of our parcels are tracked.

I need my gift a lot sooner than your standard delivery times – can you help?

Of course we can!!

If you have an urgent gift you need to get somewhere, just let us know by emailing ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com most of the items we can put an express delivery on for you. It may cost extra which is why we ask you to email us first.

It’s a gift, so can you please not include any price info?

All the price info is done via the confirmation email you get sent at checkout. The gift just gets sent with our love and if you are lucky a freebie fridge magnet or pen.

Do you offer gift wrapping and special messages on cards as it is a gift?

Bloody hell you don’t want much do you ! What did your last slave die of? Sorry, at this stage we do not offer gift wrapping.

How do I know you are not going to take down my financial info and use it to buy illegal things on the dark web?

All your payments are secure and encrypted. We use Paypal and secure credit card payments via Shopify Payments and Stripe. SO EVEN IF we wanted to steal your card and buy some drugs on the dark web – we couldn’t.

When you provide your credit card information to our payment providers, the information is transferred using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and encrypted in line with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

I get sent lots of spam in my inbox will you guys send me crap?

Probably !

We want to survive in this ever increasing competitive online world. If you get something from us you don’t want, just email us back and write UNSUBSCRIBE in the heading and we will forget that email ever existed. That said, we often send our customers deals and offers on new and upcoming inappropriate gifts so our emails are often a joy to receive!

Can I pay via bank transfer or AFTERPAY rather than use Credit Card or Paypal?

We are looking at offering AFTERPAY so watch this space. If you do not have a credit card and want to pay using online bank transfer just email us at ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com and we will organise for you.

Do you have a physical store or can I arrange to pick up my order

No, unfortunately we are only online. We don’t want you weirdos visiting us.

Can you send to my aunt’s cousin twice removed who lives in a tent in the middle of Namibia

Our UK store is dedicated to UK residents only. If you would like to buy something to be sent to another country, then please visit www.theinappropriategiftco.com

I am having problems trying to use the checkout Cart page and cannot finalise my order !

Are you sure you are qualified to use the internet? If you are having problems with the webpage – just email us at ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com and we'll see what we can do to help you part with your hard earned cash.

I have an idea for an inappropriate gift you should sell.

Great, we are all ears…. Please let us know and if we feature your idea, we will give you a gift to say thanks.

Can I be one of your Suppliers?

Only if you are good looking and have a huge cock, alternatively if you have a gift that would complement our existing range – we would love to hear from you. Email us at ukinfo@theinappropriategiftco.com