March 27, 2019 3 min read

Deb Mug

This week's mug belongs to Deb, Because we all know a Deb!  Let us know what other names you want to see.  We will feature a new name each week, it will be available on pre-order for a limited time only. All our mugs usually arrive within 1-2 weeks (although we do say 3-4 weeks on our website as we would rather underpromise and overdeliver). 

let us know what other names you want to see.

Joke Du Jour

Whoever just stole my shoes while I was on the bouncy castle - I wish you would just f#cking grow up. 

I am so sick and tired of my friends who cannot handle their alcohol. Last night they dropped me 3 times while carrying me upstairs to bed.  

My 9 year old just talked back to me. While he is at school I'm logging in to Minecraft and destroying his f#cking village. 

Shoot for the moon, if you miss, here's a gentle reminder that the moon's diameter is 3,475km and you could not have f#cked this up more.  

Have you ever wondered why the grass is greener on the other side? It is because you are not over there f#cking it up. 

Bumped into a cross eyed guy the other day. He says "you need to look where you're going" so I said "you need to go where you're looking"

HR Advice

What's New Pussycat?

The reason we are going nuts and having a clearance sale is that we have so many new products coming.... our inappropriate world it is blooming and we love supporting inappropriate people with inappropriate products.  

When one door closes - another better one opens... see Shad's story below or read more here.   We are sponsoring his podcast with our C#nt Mug .. Lol 

Just Another Mug with a Podcast

"Comedian and Radio Host Shad Wicka was sacked after embarrassing the Australian Prime Minister with a rude mug. So now he is tackling the podcast world giving you slices of comedy, news and other musings along with some of his funny mates. Unfiltered and uncensoured, each episode you'll hear Shad ramble as he takes on politics, sport, pop culture and other stuff. No sooks, if you don't like it don't listen." LINK:

Thank you to those who followed Jade's new insta account she now has over 500 followers.  This is her "the cat did it face".   @inappropriatedog 

The Cat Did It

Rockstar Mum

This is Rock Star Mum.

Rock Star Mum loves her kids but admits they sometimes give her the s#hits.
Rock Star Mum loves coffee, champagne and wants to take Grey Goose Vodka as her second lover.
Rock Star Mum loves tracks suits, loose ponytails and crap reality TV
Rock Star Mum loves singing 80's and 90's music REALLY loudly.
Rock Star Mum adores her Husband but sometimes wants to punch him in the b#lls.
Rock Star Mum thinks judgey Mums are a#seholes.
Rock Star Mum is not very nice to judgey Mums
Rock Star Mum chooses her mum friends wisely as she thinks very poorly of wasting time on T#atwaffles.
Rock Star Mum loves to drop the F-Bomb and tries really REALLY hard not to say it all the time
Rock Star Mum hates walking behind slow shoppers while doing the groceries.
Be like Rock Star Mum.
Or Not
It's really your call.
Because the older Rock Star Mum gets, the less f#cks she gives.

March Madness Sale

We are Marie Kondoing our store and warehouse and getting rid of all last season's stock at ridiculous clearance prices.   Budget Ben is having a heart attack at the value I am wiping off our store inventory balance sheet.  F#ck him.......    We will only have one sale each year and it will be the last week of March - this allows us to stock up on new products for the rest of the year,   Only a couple of days left - so get in and stock up while prices are this cheap.

What will make you smile

Just found this gem of a you tube video from 2011 featuring all my favourite comedians and George Michael -  James Cordon Saves the Day - Comic Relief ...  a must watch.