WTF Wednesday #3

July 25, 2018 1 min read

Did you know how the sport of Kung Fu got its name?

Well there were these Indian Chiefs having a pow wow around a fire in their tee pee and drinking lots of whisky when an argument broke out. 

It erupted into an all-in brawl ending when one of the Chiefs threw a knife straight through the cheek of another Chief's face right through to the other side. 

With the blade protruding through his face, the wounded Chief struggling to speak managed to blurt out,

"Ok what kung fu that knife?"



We are hearing from many of you that  you are disappointed that our UK store does not stock many of the same items as our Sydney store.

My personal mission for this quarter is to build up our UK range of Inappropriate gifts so you will have plenty to choose from this Christmas. 

The UK store will celebrate UK products and suppliers all sharing the same vision.. to make the world a more inappropriate place one gift at a time! 

We will be at the Autumn Gift Fair in Birmingham in September, please get in touch with us if you would like to stock our range or want us to stock yours!

Thanks again to you all for your continued success of our start up business.  Cheers Lori X