January 23, 2019 2 min read

Joke du Jour

A very wealthy art collector got a call from his solicitor who said "I 
have good news and I have bad news, which do you want first?"
The guys thinks about it and says "I've had a crap#y day so how about the 
good news?" "Ok," said the solicitor,
"I've had a call from your wife and today she paid $1500 for a picture 
that she thinks is worth about $20m."
"Well that's fantastic, what's the bad news?" The solicitor said "It's a 
picture of you in bed with your secretary!" 
Mother Superior was doing a crossword and suddenly exclaimed "damn!"
"What's a 4 letter word relating to women that ends in U-N-T?"
"Oh dear," says Sister Priscilla, "I think that would have to be AUNT?"
"Of course" said Mother Superior, "Do you have an eraser?"
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The hot sauce the world is talking about - SHIT THE BED, It has finally cleared customs and is now ready to ship from our UK warehouse - just in time for Valentines Day! 
Food Porn

Forget those Instagram posts of cake tagged #FoodPorn. When it comes to real food p*rn, few can forget the raunchy scene between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in 80s film 9 1/2 Weeks.

Now, cookbooks are encouraging foodies to get naked in the kitchen and try combining food and s*x.

Former Australia MasterChef contestant and firefighter Beau Cook has teamed up with us and is offering his latest book - Beau Cook’s Food P*rn — “for those who love a bit on the side with their main course”. 

His recipes will leave you “fanning yourself with a banana leaf and blushing like a peach when it shows you more than one use for spaghetti or what to do with a zucchini”.

“I find the current definition of food p*rn so boring; no one actually cares if you have eaten a delicious meal and want to show the world,” Cook says. “For me, the true meaning of food p*rn is the combination of food and sex.” 40 delicious recipes paired with naked bodies.    

Alternatively you could get the best and healthiest chicken recipe book in the whole world  50 Ways to Eat C*ck 

50 Ways to eat cock