October 24, 2018 1 min read

Joke Du Jour 

A 5-year-old girl is usually driven to school every day by her grandpa but when he had a bad cold, Granny drove her instead. That night the little girl told her parents that the ride to school with Granny was very different.

“What made it different”?  Asked her parents.

“Oh”, she said, “Granny and I didn’t see a single to*sser, bl*ind b*astard, foreign pr*ick, or w*anker, anywhere on the way to school today. 

Thanks to Kate in Eastleigh Hampshire for this joke.

An elderly couple land at Heathrow after a long flight from Brisbane and are picked up by a female cabby.
"Good flight? Where did you come in from?" the cabby asks
"Great thanks - we flew from Brisbane" says the wife
"I know Brisbane" replies the cabby "worst fuck I've ever had was there"
The husband leans across to his wife and asks "What did she say?"
"She said she thinks she knows you"...

Thanks to Alistair in Bulimba Queensland for this one.

NSW Export Awards Finalist

Above: The Awards are tonight at the Star in Sydney - Wish us luck!!!  Below: our sweary mum mug is back in stock - it went viral and sold out in 24 hours!  There must be lots of sweary mums out there just like me lol. 

Sweary Mum

Flashing Santa