June 27, 2018 3 min read

Our Very First Newsletter

12 months on from the very first pen I sold  "F off I'm Busy"  (to a lady called Kata in Sydney, NSW) to an appearance on National TV and customers across 38 different countries-what an awesome journey! 

This is our first newsletter so we thought we would use it as an introduction to our team. We will also be sending out a  "WTF Wednesday" email with inappropriate news we think you can't live without and inform you of our new inappropriate gifts we have coming as well as give you any discounts before anyone else.   

We really appreciate your support in getting us this far and we want to make sure we look after you as we prepare for global inappropriate domination. One of the best parts of my job is reading feedback from our great customers so please let us know at any stage what you think we should start, stop and keep doing.

We realise our UK store does not have the range that our Australian one does.   Our aim over the next six months is to build the range up in our UK store so that our lovely customers can have more of a choice of inappropriate gifts!

If we can keep you guys laughing then my job on this earth is done X 

Cheers, Lori 

Shark Tank Celebration




Head of Customer Experience and Fu**ing Legend.  “Views the world through a skewered prism of puns and innuendo”

I have 4 children #superfertile. I recently and devastatingly farewelled my 20’s (RIP perky boobies. kidding, the kids had already ruined those!). I was forever hanging around Lori’s house, cuddling the dog and teaching her kids swear words so she put me on the payroll.

A usual day at TIGC involves stealing stationary when no one is looking, the CEO being a c*%nt and Budget Ben subjecting me to many meetings that could have been emails.

The highlight of everyday for me is getting to know our customers and their inappropriate stories. You could say I do it for the people! 



CEO - Chief Expletive Officer "Views the world through a full glass of Sauvignon Blanc"

I am originally from Winchester in Hampshire.UK. After 20 years as an HR Manager and entering perimenopause I became very tired of listening to other people's shi*t and I decided that there must be more to life.  My husband's (Budget Ben) words of encouragement were...  "the gifts are funny hon but noone will buy them!"  so like any wife would do -  I set out to prove him wrong!!   Here we are 12 months later.

This month Ben leaves his high paying "safe" IT strategy job to help me sell rude mugs! We've mortgaged the house, topped up our credit cards and we are full steam ahead.  We have two cheeky kids 8 and 10 and a houseful of animals.. (Dobermann, cats, tropical cichlids, goldfish, turtle, hermit crabs and we did have a lizard (that's a story for another time!). The best part of my job is knowing our gift made someone laugh and cheered them up. 


G.O.D - Global Operations Director "Views the world through a prism of logic" 

Favourite saying is if you fail to plan you plan to fail.  A Civil Engineer and Project Director - he is looking forward to saying goodbye to the daily M2 Commute and having to wear a suit.   What he is secretly looking foward to is making Sophie and my job hell by holding us accountable to actions, milestones and deadlines...   it makes me shiver just reading that sentence. 

We will of course kill each other in the process of working together but don't worry I will make it look like an "accident". Thanks again for all your support to date and supporting a start up Australian family run business.


Naomi Simson

Mentor and Coach,  she has had success doing the very things we are striving to achieve. An Australian female entrepreneur and founder of Red Balloon and the BRG empire.  I have enjoyed swapping my spare bedroom for time with her and her team in the city.

 Inappropriate Dog

Jade the Inappropriate Dog #inappropriatedog (Sophie's best friend)