May 24, 2018 1 min read

What a crazy ride from my first video audition for Shark Tank to the airing of our episode. Episode 1 Series 4.

I wasn't sure whether the Sharks would have an inappropriate sense of humour but they all did, I created a feeding frenzy!! For any of you that have bought our products, followed our socials and or shared our website - THANK YOU So happy I chose this awesome business woman! Not only is she a genuinely nice lady, her work ethic is amazing as is her mentoring and coaching. Naomi is helping us scale up which means we will be able to bring more people more inappropriate gifts and that is my absolute dream - to be the GLOBAL HOME OF INAPPROPRIATE GIFTS.

On the night of the episode our website hits increased by 600% and we received so many great emails many of which were people with either fantastic ideas for inappropriate gifts or suppliers of inappropriate gifts. I am SOOOO EXCITED to bring you our new range of products over the next month.

Please keep in contact - you will not be disappointed! It hasn't been an easy ride, lots of late nights, disapproval from many avenues, 16 hour days and credit cards maxed but as you all know you work long and hard at something you love doing you cannot fail to be successful! Don't settle, life is short, have fun!